Friday, January 19, 2007

War With Iran = Rapture?

Sarah Posner at AlterNet has a great, but frightening, article on President Bush's recent suggestion of war with Iran. From all appearances, it seems as though fundamentalist Christians have started to convince Bush that God requires war with Iran. Just look at his most recent speech when he said, "The challenge playing out across the broader Middle East is more than a military conflict. It is the decisive ideological struggle of our time." Sorry, but meer ideology does not justify war with Iran. There needs to me more legitimate reasons than that.

Of course, Bush is a fundamentalist himself, but as a government official he must keep his religious beliefs separate. He can think what he wants out of office, but while in it, he owes it to the American people to keep theology out of his decisions. In my opinion, the unprecedented access that Bush gives to fundamentalist Christians has got to stop. They have taken his mind outside of the realm of reality (at least more than it already was) and are convincing him to use the nation's power to live out a fantasy. Posner correctly states: "That the president's top national security advisor on Middle East policy met with the popular author of a best-selling book that claims that God requires a war with Iran demonstrates just how intensely politics trumps policy (and human lives) for this unhinged administration."

There is no reason for the Bush administration to listen to these End Timers. They're living in a fantasy world that has no correlation with reality, and their foreign policy desires will do nothing but bring our country to ruin. Plus, our military is stretched too thin to take part in another Middle Eastern adventure. Where is Bush going to get the troops? I have an idea: Bush should recruit all the Christian soldier wannabes who advocate war with Iran and send them in. If they want the war to bring back baby Jesus so bad, then let them do it with their own lives.


libhom said...

Your post makes it sound like Bush and fundamentalist Christians are two separate entities. Bush himself is a militant, fundamentalist Christian.

Also, Bush's handlers in the Executive Branch are under the influence of GOP corporate cronies who would love more contracts in the millions or even billions of dollars, and a war with Iran certainly would create a corporate gravy train.

However, I share your disgust with the desire of Christian extremists to create an Apocolypse that their non-existent deity is unable to provide.

Lord J-Bar said...


I was going under the assumption that the reader knew Bush was a born-again Christian. My point is that as a government offical, Bush must remain neutral when it comes to policy. He can believe whatever he wants while out of office, but while in it, he owes it to the American people to listen to all sides equally.

Lord J-Bar said...

I've edited the post to reflect Libhom's comments. Thanks for the input Libhom.