Thursday, January 18, 2007

Do Something Useful With Your Computer's Free Time

The University of Washington has an awesome new biomedical research program that seeks to predict how proteins fold in diseases. This research is essential because it allows scientists to create cures for some of the worlds most persistent and deadly diseases such as HIV, malaria, etc. The only problem is that it takes a massive amount to computer power to run the simulation programs. To solve this problem, the researchers have created the program Rosetta@home that works in the same way as SETI@home by enlisting the use of idle PCs to serve as a massive parallel processor. For more information, check out this informative video from the Rosetta@home team:

So, instead of using you computer's idle time for finding radio signals from aliens that may or may not be trying to contact us, use it for something useful and help eriadicate disease. You can join the project here.

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