Thursday, January 25, 2007

Evangelicals Have Better Sex?

Tonight HBO will feature the documentary "Friends of God" by Alexandra Pelosi, daughter of House Majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Ther interesting part is that Pelosi's guide through the evangelical world was none other that Ted Haggard. In the Newsweek interview with Pelosi, the interviewer made this observation of the doumentary:

Early on in the film, Haggard tells you, “Surveys say that evangelicals have the best sex life of any other group.” He then asks a pair of married, young male parishioners standing nearby how often they have sex with their wives. One of them responds, “Every day. Twice a day.” Then Haggard asks the man how frequently she climaxes. “Every time,” the man says.
I guess evangelical sex might be better if you're having sex with a male prostitute on the side. BWHAHAHAHA!

On a more serious note, considering the subservience expected from conservative Christian wives, I wonder if the sex actually is great or if there's much of a choice in the matter. Of course, the Bible says that the woman must be subservient to the man, so the true believers who are female probably go along, not questioning their second class position. It's just one more reason to stop looking to an ancient book for morality.


Mane Expressions said...

Have you read Proverbs 31 lately? God trusts women to not only take care of the home but the business too. Husbands are to love their wives second to God only. If that's second class position, then haliluah!

Anonymous said...

No, they haven't read Proverbs at all! They think the Bible is just an old book. Wives are NEVER told to be subservient to their husbands. They are to HONOR their husbands, which is part of loving anyone, and husbands are to give up their lives for the good of their wives. With great responsability comes honor. That's all. All Christians are told "Submit yourselves, one to another." This is about avoiding self importance, or self centeredness It's about treating others as more important than yourself. Christian women are not brainwashed atomatons, most of them are moral, intelligent, joyful, loving people. They would pity you your ignorance and bitterness. The tenderness that God teaches men to show toward their wives is what I credit with our good sex lives. It's just one aspect of a great, loving, secure, trusting, committed relationship. Not that every christian has that, but there are a lot of them that do. I don't claim to have two-a-days anymore, that's a newlywed thing, but I do have a wonderful love life, and I cherish and treasure my wife for all she is and all she does. The wonderful sex flows out of our love and trust and consideration of one another. Yes, she makes love when she isn't already "in the mood" sometimes, because she loves me, but it's not like she doesn't come around to having a good time! If we waited until everything in life was perfect, we would never make love. So, we do it when we're tired, sick, or sad, and we each get joy from giving to eachother and receiving from eachother such wonderful enjoyment.