Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Burma Hates Freedom

The Telegraph has story on a secret Burmese government document titled "Programme to destroy the Christian religion in Burma." Some excerpts from the Telegraph aritcle:

"Its discovery follows widespread reports of religious persecution, with churches burnt to the ground, Christians forced to convert to the state religion, Buddhism, and their children barred from school.

"Human rights groups claim that the treatment meted out to Christians, who make up six per cent of the population, is part of a wider campaign by the regime, also targeted at ethnic minority tribes, to create a uniform society in which the race and language is Burmese and the only accepted religion is Buddhism.

"In the past year, an estimated 27,000 members of the predominantly Christian Karen tribe were driven from their homes in eastern Burma.

"In Koh Kyi village, in Arakan State, a monk backed by the military burnt down the local church. In another state, 300 monks were allegedly sent by the regime to forcibly convert the populace, all of whom belonged to the Chin ethnic group, which is mostly Christian."

I'm somewhat hesitant to believe the authenticity of the document. It could be the reason behind the wave of anti-Christian violence or it could be a fake to make it look like the violence is the result of a Burmese government conspiracy.

Either way, this is downright terrible and shows what happens when a religion dominates the government. With freedom of religion this doesn't happen. Everyone can believe what they want without fear of government sponsored persecution. Whenever Christians in this country claim they're being perscuted by the government, I'm going to refer them to this article because what Burma is doing is real persecution. This isn't the silly "War on Christmas" where stores aren't saying the "proper" greeting or "activist judges" trying to remove religion from public life, this is actual violence directed against a religious group for religious reasons. Fundamentalist Christians need to open their eyes and see that they actually have it better in the US than anywhere else.

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Anonymous said...

If the memo is a fake, it was made in order to convince the powers that be in the west that the whole thing be labeled "genocide". There's no doubt that the violence is deliberately perpetrated by the junta, the conspiracy is blatantly obvious to anyone who cares to look. But genocide is a magic word, and that requires proving that the government sponsored violence is pre-meditated at the highest levels. The semantics have no bearing on the truth - whether it's planned in writing or systematically perpetrated through disparate policies and propaganda that result in violence - ethnic cleansing is happening there. But the complicated reality doesn't always play so well to some audiences. But secret memos are key.