Friday, January 19, 2007

Kent Hovind Gets Ten Years for Tax Evasion

Hardcore Young-Earth Creationist Kent Hovind and his wife were sentenced to ten years in jail for failing to pay almost one million dollars in taxes to the IRS. Get this: his defense was "he and his employees are workers of God and therefore exempt from paying taxes." I'm still laughing over that one.

Hovind does have hope, though. Shelley the Republican has instructed her readers to "Let us pray to Jesus that Kent and Jo will be allowed to continue their important ministry and continue teaching young scientists about the many flaws in Darwin’s theory of evolution." I'm sure God will pull some strings and bail Hovind out, right?

Once again notice the mention of Darwin's name. They really hate the guy.

Read the full story here.


bpabbott said...


It appears that Shelley's prayers have been answered by Ken Ham :-(

What is really quite embarrassing is that this rather silly story if getting quite a bit of international press

In United Arab Emirates

In New Zealand

In Vietnam

In Singapore

btw, the Arab article is apparently blocked to readers in the US, but it shows up in a Google search.

Mane Expressions said...

If this is due to not paying income tax, there is no such law. Even the IRS cannot materialize the law for federal income tax. It is the "Law that Never Was." And we the people are being jailed and fined by the IRS bullies. There was a jury trial where the jury found a man innocent because the IRS couldn't show the law he was breaking. But we didn't hear about that in mainstream government controlled media, now did we?

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