Saturday, January 20, 2007

Looks Like They Might Have Got Me

I've recently put up a couple of posts in critique of the blog Shelley the Republican. However, after doing a little looking around, it seems the whole thing might actually be a parody. At least that's the general consensus. Just do a Google search of "Shelley the Republican" and you'll see what I mean.

The sad thing is that everything found there is what one would expect to hear from an ultra-conservative. Maybe I've spent too much time hearing the rediculous arguments that right-wingers put forth, and that blog simply looked genuine because it said the same thing I'm used to seeing. If it is a parody, then it's one of the best ones I've seen in a while and is incredibly well done. The fact that no one can seem to agree might testify to how good the parody actually is. If it's not a parody, then it's downright terrifying. What do you think?


bpabbott said...

j-bar, parody or not, there are many who resonate with Shelley's message :-(

Given that "it is what it is", perhaps the free-thinkers of the world should leverage this inherent weakness of the self-righteous sheep to make the world a better place?

... if you get my drift.

Lord J-Bar said...


I get your drift, and agree completely.

Pedro Timóteo said...

I'd never guess it was a parody. I've long stopped using the "it's so stupid it can't be real" view, as there's no limit to stupidity.

Especially fundie, pro-Bush, anti-intellectual stupidity. I'm sure there are many blogs saying exactly the same things as Shelley, and which are not parodies at all...

bpabbott said...

Sadly it appears that the parody is quite popular :-(

Once the truth is known, its popularity will likely plummet :-(