Friday, January 26, 2007

Mississippi Wants a Lawsuit

Representative Lott of the Mississippi House of Representatives recently introduced House Bill 625, which would allow public schools to teach ID and creationism. The bill reads as follows:

The school board of a school district may allow the teaching of creationism or intelligent design in the schools within the district. However, if the theory of evolution is required to be taught as part of the school district's science curriculum, in order to provide students with a comprehensive education in science, the school board also must include the teaching of creationism or intelligent design in the science curriculum.

I bet the Discovery Institute is stomping their feet in frustration over this one. Did Representative Lott not get their memo that ID cannot be equated with creationism? Luckily, the Supreme Court's decision of Edwards v. Aguillard defintively prevents this bill from being legal. If it does pass, it won't last long.

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John said...

Its damned scary that US elected leaders are either so stupid as to buy into creationism as science or so machiavellian as to support it purely for political gain.