Tuesday, January 16, 2007

James Dobson Refuses to Support McCain

Check out this video from CNN where Dr. James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family and habitual liar, states that he "would not vote for McCain under any circumstances."

Considering the power Dobson wields over conservative Christians and the Republican Party (but remember, Focus on the Family is not political) this has got to be devastaing to McCain's hopes. He might still be capable of winning the national election, but the way Republican politics work these days, it will be nearly impossible for McCain to make it past the primaries without the support of conservative Christians.

In my opinion, this illustrates the sad state of affairs of Republican politics since Republicans have to pander to dishonest, intolerant, religious leaders to make any headway. No religious group should have that kind of power over the affairs of the government. The worst part is the fact that McCain is one of the last few moderate Republicans. I won't vote for him because of his recent efforts to endure himself to the RR (for example, his speech at Jerry Falwell's Liberty University last May), but the fact that moderate Republicans stand no chance at making it through the primaries is discouraging.

Proving the damage this has done to his aspirations, McCain has already started to try and mend fences with Dobson. In my opinion, McCain should just ignore that lying bigot and bring the Republican Party back to its roots by appealing to the moderates in this country. They've been left without representation for far too long and it's time this country stopped trying to return to the Middle Ages. Of course, I could be wrong about McCain being unable to make it through the primaries. If he does make it, he should do the right thing and save his party from becoming the party that drags this country into a theocracy that only 10% of the population wants.


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