Monday, January 08, 2007

New Source of Stem Cells?

CNN is reporting today that a new source of stem cells has been discovered that does not require the destruction of a human blastocyst. The new source is the amniotic fluid in the womb that surrounds a developing fetus. This fluid has long been known to filled with other cells from the embryo, and it seems stem cells are no exception. It's not yet clear if these stem cells are as useful as embryonic stem cells, but the initial research looks promising. Read the full story here.

I really hope this new source works out just so we can get around the controversy the Religious Right has kicked up over this issue. You can see my thoughts on the controversy in the post below, but I'm happy for anything that will get this revolutionary medical research moving forward.


Anonymous said...

I would like to post this (New Source of Stem Cells) on the First Freedom First blog. May I?
Donna Red Wing

Lord J-Bar said...

Donna, of course you may. If you would leave a link back, that would be appreciated.