Sunday, January 28, 2007

Evangelicals Want Kenyan Museum to Hide Hominid Fossils

Talk about covering your eyes and hoping it all goes away. Evangelicals in Kenya have recently been pushing for Kenya's National Museum to hide its world-class collection of hominid bones. If that's not admitting defeat, then I don't know what is. Bishop Boniface Adoyo, Chairman of the Evangelical Alliance of Kenya said in protest of the museum displaying the bones:

"When museums claim that man evolved from apes, they are actually hurting many Christians who believe that God created us."

It's not the museum's fault that the evidence leads scientists to agree with evolution. Trying to censor the evidence simply acknowledges that you don't want your false claims to be revealed.

Luckily, the museum has stated that they will not remove the fossils.

Read more at Talk Reason.

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