Sunday, January 28, 2007

Rush Limbaugh Hates Freedom

Yesterday on his show, Rush Limbaugh made this Medieval-minded comment:

The liberals did indeed bandy about, bang on the drums for women in combat. Now anyone with, it just isn’t right. Whether they can do it or not, that’s not what a cultured civilized society does to its women, they just don’t do it. Except in dire, dire circumstances, but yet they did. But yet we’ve not, they have in college, women should be allowed to place kick in college football, but they haven’t said a thing about women playing pro football, now why is that because they know it would be impossible. They know the average human being wouldn’t last more than two plays, the average woman wouldn’t even, it would be, they don’t even suggest it yet they do for the military? So what does it tell you they of the military? Its nothing but a little social playground for experimentation, by the way since they’re liberals they’d love to weaken it and love to tear it apart and cause all kinds of controversy and strife, and they do it under the guise of women’s rights, I’m sure there are some imminently qualified women in the military I am not talking about their ability to do, I am talking about the institution and what it says about a cultured civilized society that it will round up babes send them off to basic training and send them off to the foxholes. It can be done, but its not recommended.

Either Limbaugh is retarded and thinks the American government rounds up women off the street and forces them into the military or (more likely) he clings to an ancient religioius belief and thinks women are supposed to be second class citizens who can't make any decisions for themselves.

Well Rush, let me tell you something. All the women in the military are there by choice, that's what it means to have a volunteer army. For example, women aren't allowed into the Army's major combat branches (infantry, armor, artillery), but they do a fantastic job in the branches they are in. Plus, if having women in the military is a way to "weaken" and "tear [it] apart," then why is it the most effective fighting force on the planet? Look at how fast our Army advanced in Iraq in 2003. No other army in the world could do that as quickly. It sure doesn't seem like women have done any harm to it.

Of course, it's too much to expect any sense of reality from Limbaugh's statements. He lives in a fantasy world where liberals are vile enemies of the nation and only straight, white, Christian men are allowed to have any say. In Limbaugh's dreamworld, women are good, subservient, Christian wives who have no place in society except to make babies (of course, they can't make any choice when it comes to that either). It's disgusting. After something like this, it'd be real nice if the Right would stop listening to the intolerance this man spews forth, but I doubt it. They all live in the same culturally backward fantasy.

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