Sunday, January 28, 2007

More on the Thylacine Saga

A little while ago I posted a response to an essay from Shelly the Republican which suggested that thylacines (tasmanian wolves) and wolves are actually the same thing (you can read my post here). I later dismissed the whole thing as a parody since that's what Shelley the Republican seems to be.

While I still think Shelly the Republican is a parody, a commentor brought it to my attention that the essay itself originated elsewhere. Shelley simply copied it from the intelligent design blog Overwhelming Evidence and added the pictures and captions. Overwhelming Evidence is the "kid-friendly" offshoot of Uncommon Descent and is partly maintained by William Dembski, a leading ID advocate.

Now, I know for a fact that Overwhelming Evidence is not a parody, and the fact that this ignorant essay is sincere makes me extremely worried about the future of America. Of course, someone could be preying on the gullibility of creationists, as Randi pointed out in the comments section. Wouldn't be the first time it's worked (see here).


Randi Mooney said...

Yeah, but here's one possiblity: The STR gang are notorious trollsters. They probably created the articles on to point out just how gullible those creationists are.

Just google for "helena blavatsky". See what I mean?

Stephanie said...

Not to mention that the tasmanian wolf is a MARSUPIAL, and the grey wolf is a placantal. BIG difference...