Thursday, January 18, 2007

Evangelicals Decide to Fight Global Warming?

MSNBC is reporting an apparent about-face by evangelicals on the issue of global warming. Rev. Rich Cizik, public policy director of the National Association of Evangelicals said, “God will judge us for destroying the Creation. Therefore, we as evangelicals have a responsibility to be even more vigilant than others.”

Instead of deriding scientists and environmentalists, it seems these evangelicals actually want to work with them. Of course, not all evangelicals agree. The Interfaith Stewardship Alliance said the announcement was "just another attempt to create the impression of growing consensus among evangelicals about global warming. There is no such growing consensus." Wouldn't want to delay the Rapture now, would we?

Regardless, this is a promising development. If the Republican base begins demanding action against climate change, perhaps we'll see a desire for action from both parties. We'll have to see what happens.

Read the MSNBC article here.

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