Thursday, February 15, 2007

Excellent Evolution Resource

I just found this excellent resource, and I had to share it. This website contains a collection of videos where actual scientists talk about the evolution/creation controversy and point out what's wrong with the entire thing. They also provide the evidence for evolution and refutations for Creationism. They can go a long way in helping you imprive your knowledge on the subject.

For example, in the first video, Professor Kenneth Miller explains why teaching ID is not actually fair when it is rejected by science:

The proponents of intelligent design, or creationism, who say it’s only fair to consider their ideas have a very curious idea of what fairness is, because they’re not interested in developing evidence. They’re not interested in engaging in this process of peer review, of publishing their work, of going to scientific meetings, and trying to win a scientific consensus. In effect, what they want to do is to do an end run around the entire scientific process by appealing to boards of education or legislatures to insert their ideas into the classroom even though they haven’t won a scientific consensus. So, you have to ask yourself: what’s fair about that? Every other idea in science has to fight its way through the criticism and analysis of the scientific process. But these IDists claim that they want to be exempt from that process in the name of fairness. In reality, what they’re asking people to do is to cheat on the process of science and give them a shortcut that will get into classroom and textbook. That would be very bad science policy and be even worse in terms of educational policy.

If you love science as much as I do, then I suggest you check it out.

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