Monday, February 05, 2007

The Bible vs. Science

USA Today (via Yahoo) has an excellent opinion piece by Tom Krattenmaker titled "The Bible vs. Science." Here's a small taste of what Krattenmaker has to offer:

How many Americans are ready to accept the proposition that science has made a colossal error interpreting the fossil and geological record and - more radical still - that the validity of Christianity depends on proving it? If anything, a stance like this repels those wavering between faith and disbelief and gives skeptics one more reason to reject religion.

I have to say I agree completely. In the long run, it seems the idea that Bible must be completely true or Christianity will fail seems like a losing battle for fundamentalist Christians (which isn't so bad). If anything, their ploys point out the most unsupportable claims of the Bible, severely undermining their position that the Bible is 100% accurate. Even someone with a rudimentary knowledge of the scientific method will see how shoddy or nonexistant Creationist research is. Plus, when one actually weighs science next to religion, what has actually done more for humanity in terms of making the world a better place to live? Who will a majority of people actually trust?

My greatest fear is that Americans are becoming too ignorant to care. For many, the Creationist claims will seem good enough and will not prompt them to learn anything else on the subject. Perhaps that is the goal. Creationists want to provide enough smoke and mirrors to make Creationism seem scientific enough for an ignorant populace.

In the end, I have to comfort myself with the fact that reason has always won out in the end. Sure, things can digress a great deal, but the attempts to halt progressivism invarably fail. I certainly hope history will repeat itself. Hopefully, this is just another last gasp from the willingly ignorant before the next great wave of progressivism.

Anyway, I highly recommend reading the opinion piece. It gives me hope that the Creationists are just shooting themselves in the foot.

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