Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Debbie Schlussel: Muslims Must Have Done It

First off, I want to say how saddened I am by the shootings at Virginia Tech yesterday. It's always despicable when someone decides to use violence against their fellow human beings. My thoughts are with the families of the victims in the hopes that they will find the solace to cope with and overcome this tragedy.

I also hoped that people would not use this tragedy as an excuse to try and validate their intolerances, but I guess I hoped for too much because Debbie Schlussel has already done so.

You may or may not remember Debbie Schlussel. She was the woman who showed her ignorance and bigotry towards athiests on CNN and then continued to look like an intolerant dumbass on her blog afterwards when she insisted that atheism makes people Muslim extremists (see my post on the subject here). Anyway, she has come to my attention once again (thanks to Pharyngula) when she decided to open her mouth on the Virginia Tech shootings. Who did she blame without any evidence? Why Muslims, of course.

Why am I speculating that the "Asian" gunman is a Pakistani Muslim? Because law enforcement and the media strangely won't tell us more specifically who the gunman is. Why?

Even if it does not turn out that the shooter is Muslim, this is a demonstration to Muslim jihadists all over that it is extremely easy to shoot and kill multiple American college students.

Now, I know she's Jewish, and there's a bit of bad blood between Jews and Muslims, but come on. This is hysteria plain and simple. Without hearing anything beyond the fact that the shooter was "Asian", Schlussel immediately assumed it was the ubiquitous "Muslim terrorist" because the police and media won't say who it is. Right. So the media has stopped all information on this case from reaching the public? Vast, left-wing conspiracy, eh?

Now, I know Schlussel is quite the conspiracy theorist (she also thinks rising atheism in Europe is making Europeans fundamentalist Muslims, nevermind the fact that there's been a massive influx of immigrants from the Middle East), but this is rediculous. In the case of the identity of the VT shooter, the answer is probably the most pedestrian. It's an ongoing investigation and the police rarely release the names of suspects for the first few days. Look at what happened after Columbine. It took a couple of days before the police released any of their findings.

Debbie, how about you wait for the facts and keep your hysterics to a minimum? If it's a problem with anxiety, Im sure your doctor can prescribe something to help you out.

Of course, when it came out that the shooter was actually Chinese and not a Pakistani Muslim, Schlussel immediately posted this update:
The shooter has now been identified as a Chinese national here on a student visa. Lovely. Yet another reason to stop letting in so many foreign students.
Okay, so maybe she not a conspiracy theorist. She's just scared of everyone who isn't white. Damn xenophobe.


tina said...

She should of learned something the first time that crap came out of her mouth.

Tommy said...

Oh, like the thought of opening fire in a crowded college campus never would have occurred to Muslim terrorists beforehand!

As an atheist, I am just as concerned about Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism as the next person, but it is really sad to see the likes of Debbie Schlussel and Michelle Malkin always try to find a "Muslim Terrorist" angle in every such tragedy. It would not surprise me if they are scouring the web right now for any information that would show that some Koreans have converted to Islam.

Michael said...

Not everything that bad happens in this country is done by muslims. If it was the corridor between Toledo, Dearborn, and Flint would be in flames 24 hours a day. White people (I am white) can be just as wacked out. The 12th anniversary of the Oklahoma City explosions are this week, as is Waco. (the govt were wrong in waco, but if those were 100 muslims in that building that "standoff" might have lasted 2 minutes instead of 2 months). Besides...on the muslim-christian death scoreboard, I believe the christians are winning with more confirmed kills of muslims than vice versa. Get out of Iraq, Stay out of Iran. Make Israel respect its boarders inside and out. Inflation will be the death of this country unless we stop spending a trillion a year on wars, bases, and missle defenses. And quit using the National Guard and its equipment in Iraq. The National Guard and more importantly its equipment (there were Nat. Guards, but no equipment like huge generators and copters when Katrina hit). Keep it in this country to help keep our people safe from all those other disasters that Bush never thinks about.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I bet the wingnut AIPAC'ers were hoping that the dude was Muslim, they probably were praying all day, but I bet they will still figure out a way to make this Korean guy a Muslim.

Not sure why Schlussel gets exposure on TV, saw the fugly woman on CNN and Fox a few times. Its time the media ignores these Zionazi crazies.

Anonymous said...

If she's Jewish she's not even white.
A wanna-be white which is even worse, having to work overtime being completely depraved. Clearly deranged and in chronic denial.

Lord J-Bar said...

I don't think that's entirely accurate to say Schlussel isn't white. Judaism itself is simply a religion. Certainly, there are ethnic Jews, but there are also people of European, African, etc. descent who follow the Jewish faith. Be careful about overgeneralizing.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
If she's Jewish she's not even white.
A wanna-be white which is even worse...

Umm, and how does that comment not put you in the exact same place as this Debbie Schlussel? I'm sorry, but sometimes in attempting to demonstrate the idiocy of another...
A piece of advice: "Sometimes it's better to remain silent, and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt." (In this case, type.)

Albatross said...

Hey J-Bar,
Just to be up and up, the anonymous post to the anonymous post was mine - Albatross.

DefCon's posted some updates to some of your subjects of discussion.