Sunday, December 31, 2006

Huge Ice Sheet Breaks Free in Canada

Scientists recently noticed a ice sheet the size of 11,000 football fields broke free from Canada's Ellesmere Island 16 months ago. The cause isn't precisely known, but most scientists suspect that record high temperatures in the Arctic as a result of global warming are to blame.

Considering the Arctic ice pack is 90% smaller than it was in 1906, what more will it take to convince Bush to take action? Could the Republican party and he quit distorting science long enough to address this threat to our future? It might hurt corporations in the short term, but it's better than the devastation our economy would suffer if the worst case scenarios came to pass. Global Warming is very real, and everyone needs to wake up to its dangers, otherwise this comfortable world we live in will change. If fact, it might be too late, but hopefully we can keep it from getting too bad.

Check out the CNN article on the topic here.

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